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Albenga, the city of a hundred towers, the ancient Albingaunum is a unique place where the past blends harmoniously with the modern city, in a unique territory between sea and mountains. The city that overlooks the blue sea  with its splendid Gallinara Island. Albingaunum: the ancient city, first Roman then paleocristian, medieval and Renaissance which emerges with untouched beauty in palaces, towers, geological areas, museums, monuments and the countless corners of unspoiled beauty to be discovered while strolling in its historic center.

The modern Albenga is "City of Wine" thanks to its DOC wines, agricultural and floricultural capital that exports aromatic and flowering plants throughout Europe, producing typical gastronomic excellences such as "i 4 d'Albenga", an outdoor city that can play both in the open sea and in the valleys of the hinterland but also a country full of clubs and ideas for a holiday of fun and relaxation. An ideal destination for slow tourism, synonymous with quality.


"Vivi Albenga"

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The museums of Albenga


City of Wine and "The four of Albenga"


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Are you looking for a place to sleep in Albenga? You only have to choose: do you prefer a hotel or hotel room? Or maybe an apartment or a residence? Maybe a tent or a camping bungalow? Or an accommodation in a tourist village? Why not in bed & breakfast?

There are many solutions in Albenga, suitable for all technical and economic needs. You can choose a solution in the town center, on the sea or more moved inland.

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The blue sea of Gallinara

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Slow food of Albenga

Whether you have chosen Albenga for a weekend, or for a longer holiday period, forget the concept of "hit and run" tourism. Albenga requires and deserves a "slow" stay in order to fully savor every moment.

The restaurant can only be slow and the offer includes restaurants, pizzerias, holiday farms and trattorias capable of making you enjoy the whole Albenganese territory at the table. No advice in particular on where to go, only to slowly savor all the dishes (perhaps requesting the many typical dishes on the menu) and choose the gastronomic journey that you decided to take during the visit. Consult the list of the structures registered in the portal, check the offer and be amazed.

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The turtle Emys

The new tourist logo

As part of the territorial enhancement and tourism promotion policies, a trademark of the city of Albenga was created that is easily recognizable with which to promote the cultural, landscape, artistic, historical, tourist and productive image of the city, nationally and internationally . The brand will represent a "quality seal" of events, products and services for the multiple promotional actions.

The Emys tourist logo was conceived and created by Loris Bottello of the graphic designer Bottello of Albenga. It recalls the tortoise seen from the side, with the head turned to the right, to resume the shape of the Gallinara island, an iconic landscape element of Albenga. Inside the turtle are the three towers of the historic center while the yellow of the lower part of the mark represents a beach seen from above that overlooks the sea.

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