If you like fine gravel mixed sand beaches, Albenga is a great choice! Almost a kilometer and a half long, it has both free and equipped beaches. Whatever beach you choose, the fascinating view of the Gallinara Island remains guaranteed, from the mouth of the Centa river it even seems to touch it. Summer starts earlier than at other places in Northern Italy; between March and April the first cabins are mounted and the first tourists peek under the sun. From May to October, tourists from all over Europe alternate.

In the blue sea of ​​Albenga, thanks to the constant wind and the protection offered by the mountains, there are always the right conditions for sailing, kite and windsurf enthusiasts. The Gulf is an ideal retreat during most of the year.

Sport in the sea of ​​Albenga

... Even in winter

The trend of today's tourist is to experience the sea all year round, in every season, even in winter. Taking advantage of the Piana di Albenga microclimate, it is possible to enjoy the beaches even in the cold months. Weather permitting, there will be umbrellas and deckchairs and even boats for off-shore outings. And the trials (the famous baths in the sea frequent especially between Christmas and Epiphany) are the order of the day all along the coast ingauna and not too prohibitive.

For those traveling with the family, there are playgrounds that are always open, sunbathers out of season have the whole coast available; an endless strip of sand without interruptions while the absence of cabins ideally unites the sea with the city.

The period of the aperitifs as well as the dinners on the seashore never stops: mullet, stockfish, cod, mackerel and horse mackerel, bluefish, turbot, anchovies and sardines are the winter dishes always present.