"I don't know if you know that I know"

"I don't know if you know that I know" play on stage at Ambra on Friday 1 March with Giorgia Wurth, Eugenio Gradabosco, Giorgio Caprile, Marianna De Micheli and Cristina Sarti. By David Conati. Directed and adapted by Giorgio Caprile.

Show plot

Carlo, happily married to Alice, goes to Liège for work and strikes up a brief relationship with Jenny, an Italian girl.

Back home he is sure he has covered his tracks by not giving her any references to be able to find him and ruin her peaceful family routine. But Jenny appears one evening at his door!

What to do? There is only one solution: to pass her off as the new wife of her older brother Roberto who, despite himself, plays along.

But when Gianna, Roberto's real wife, arrives, situations and lies are unleashed which make this comedy an explosion of comedy and energy.


by David Conati
adaptation and direction by Giorgio Caprile
assistant director Carla Lombardi
with Giorgia Würth, Giorgio Caprile, Eugenio Gradabosco, Marianna De Micheli, Cristina Sarti
scenes Cinzia Belcamino
lights and sounds Amerigo Anfossi