The Bishop's Palace

The work of a sixteenth-century reconstruction, Palazzo Vescovile presents itself with two beautiful facades, one in front of the Baptistery, the other on Via Bernardo Ricci, with traces of fifteenth-century frescoes. It rested on a loggia that was closed at the time of renovation and intended to house warehouses and shops. A recent restoration has brought to light elements of the ancient loggia that still retains its commercial function and houses prestigious shops: it is sufficient to enter one of these to observe pillars and medieval structures in evidence.

Since the Bishopric was moved to the Costa – Balestrino palace in 1954, the Bishop's Palace houses the Diocesan Museum. The visit allows you to admire the interior of the prestigious building, and in particular the hall with the coats of arms and the names of the Bishops who succeeded in the diocese of Albenga from 451 d. C. until today.