City of wine

Viticulture in Albenga has been consolidated over the centuries, introduced and spread by sailors and traders who, since the early Middle Ages, brought the philosophy and the cultivations, slowly adapted, from other countries. The weather has allowed us to improve the cultivation techniques, the particular climatic conditions of the Albenga Plain, a strip of hilly land overlooking the Mediterranean and protected by the Alps, have allowed to exalt freshness and flavor in the wines of the territory.

Today Albenga is recognized as the city of wine and Pigato, Rossese and Vermentino (also Superiore and Passito) are the excellence of ingauna wine, represented by 8 wineries that promote it: Anfossi, Bio Vio, Cantine Calleri, Cascina Feipu, Dario Enrico, La Vecchia Cantina, Torre Pernice and Sommariva.

The Winery of Albenga