Fieui di Caruggi

The "Fieui of Caruggi" are a group of friends of Albenga, known to the public for their activities in favor of the territory and for their laudable charitable initiatives. The Fieui were born in 1989 during a first meeting between friends who shared childhood in the alleys of Albenga. From there, this group of "brats" led by Gino Rapa, has undertaken a series of engaging initiatives for the good of the city they love. All of this, always symbolized by the Slingshot, symbol of the rebellion in the Albenga dominated by the French in 1798 but today used by them as an instrument against injustices and in favor of the weakest.

Wooden Slingshot

The "Fionda di Legno" award is given to those who have known how to pull good slingshots against violence, scams and have been able to stand up for solidarity and the values of life. The first wooden slingshot was assigned in 2007 to Antonio Ricci, who fought so that 4 80-meter skyscrapers were not built on the edge of our historic center. He was then assigned to the trio of comedians Balbontin, Ceccon and Casalino, Fabrizio De Andrè (prize withdrawn by Dori Ghezzi), Paolo Villaggio, Milena Gabanelli, Roberto Vecchioni & Don Gallo, Carlin Petrini, Don Mazzi, Fiorella Mannoia, Javier Zanetti, Nomadi & Brunello Cucinelli, Michelle Hunziker & Giulia Bongiorno, Giulia Brignano and Don Ciotti in 2019.

Let's run the slingshot

Run the slingshot is a non-competitive sporting event, which takes place every year in the Spring. Members walk along the boulevards, the promenade, the riverfront and pass through the historic center in one breath. The event is organized by the Fieui of Caruggi, together with the Albenga Runners who punctually leave nothing out to make the day unforgettable.

October De Andrè

"Ottobre Deandrè" is an event born by chance in 2011 and immediately approved by Dori Ghezzi, widow of Fabrizio De Andrè and godmother of the event. October De Andrè takes place successfully every October and sees several artists perform at the Teatro Ambra, paying homage to the famous Genoese singer-songwriter.

They have participated in the last editions, guests of the caliber of Roby Facchinetti, Alba Parietti, Ron, Max Pezzali, Vittorio De Scalzi (founder of the New Trolls). The whole city is involved with pride and the proceeds are always destined for charity. As defined by them, "no special effects, but lots of heart".