Palazzo Oddo and its Foundation

The Gian Maria Oddi Foundation  manages the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Albenga. The Foundation is a section of the public from Tuesday to Friday at 10.30-12.30 and 15.30-18.30 at the Oddo palace in Rome street. The palace takes its name from the illustrious family that owns the eponymous palace. It was the first residence and then a college for children and now it is the Albanian cultural center. Its 4000 square meters host the exhibition "Magical Transparencies", the "Simonetta Comanedi" Civic Library, the "Musikalische Wunderkammer", exhibition sales, conference rooms and the San Carlo Auditorium.


The "Magical Transparencies" Exhibition is completed by a teaching room that allows you to experiment with numerous in-depth workshops to visit the museum, specific for primary and secondary schools, such as "Lunch with the Romans", "The perfumes of the matron" , "The coins of the Romans", "The rules of the Gladiators" and many others.

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San Carlo Auditorium

The foundation also directly manages the Auditorium San Carlo, a showcase of all the most important events and meetings related to or close to the Ingaunian territory. Conference room with state-of-the-art equipment, has been able to attract the attention and esteem of the operators who have organized and continue to organize meetings within the auditorium.

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Oddi Foundation

Riccardo Badino
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