October De André

The tireless Fieui of Caruggi propose their particular tribute to the great Faber with a series of events and guests that would be the envy of large cities and high-level productions. All of this, moreover, for charitable purposes in support of the Community of Don Gallo , the unforgettable street priest who dedicated his life to the poorest.

Saturday 30 September

It starts on Saturday 30 September at 4.30pm with the big party in Piazzetta De André. Don't be fooled by the name of the event. It will not take place in the new Fabrizio De André square on the Albenga seafront, but in the alleys and squares of the historic center.

Six musical groups will simultaneously transform the old Ingauna city into Faber's Genoa throughout the afternoon: the Duo Sciapò , Sara and Sergio street artists , Nando Rizzo and his percussionists , The Four Guitars of Genoa , the Turin Coots band , Giorgio Slave in trio from Parma and I Van Pei Bosky .

Sunday 15 October

The highly anticipated Grand Concert for Don Gallo will follow on Sunday 15 October at the Ambra Theater which will be opened by Niné Ingiulla , a lawyer in love with De André.

So two artists who have written the history of Italian music: Carlo Marrale , founder of Matia Bazar and Silvia Mezzanotte , internationally renowned singer and for a long period the voice of Matia Bazar.

Finally the volcanic Drupi , with his entire band: immortal songs and extraordinary energy. From “Sereno è” to “Give me a smile”, from “Sambariò” to “She was truly beautiful”.

The Ambra audience will certainly welcome these successes with their warm applause. Finally, on Saturday 21 October, again at the Ambra Theater and at 5pm, the grand finale with Traffickers of Dreams .

The legendary Fieui di Caruggi cellar will be rebuilt on stage where Antonio Ricci , owner of the house, and Dori Ghezzi , godmother of the event, will welcome, together with Franco Fasano and Mauro Vero, many old and new friends.

Enrico Beruschi will arrive, directly from "Drive in" and the Roman singer-songwriter Amara , who wrote, among her many compositions, also some of the most beautiful songs by Fiorella Mannoia.

Andrea Filippi will return, after the success of his improvised speech at the inauguration of Piazza Fabrizio De André last year.

For the younger ones Max Longhi and Giorgio Vanni and the fascinating world of television theme tunes, in particular cartoons: Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Bim Bum Bam... and there will also be the superhero Mattia Villardita , who, as a Man Ragno tries to give moments of serenity to young hospital patients.

Super host

The icing on the cake is that Gigliola Cinquetti has ensured her presence, who from Rome will bring not only her memories, but her friendliness and a still extraordinary voice to the Ambra stage. Truly so many dream traffickers. And that's probably not all: with Caruggi's Fieui you can always expect some surprises... including some "sling shots"!

The event is organized under the patronage of the De André Foundation with the support and collaboration of the municipality of Albenga. For updated info: https://www.facebook.com/octoberdeandre/