The variety of natural environments that characterize the ingauno area facilitate the practice of innumerable sports, all united by the possibility of actively experiencing the splendid natural environment and the favorable climate of this portion of Liguria, which allows sports to be practiced throughout 'year.

Sea sports


The coast naturally offers the possibility of practicing all the sports related to the sea, with an added attraction that few localities can offer, namely the underwater excursions near the Gallinara Island, where you can admire three wrecks from different eras, the most famous of which is the Roman trade vessel loaded with amphorae, which sank near the island in the 1st century AD In any case, these are excursions reserved for experienced scuba divers, necessarily accompanied on site by the diving centers in Albenga and the surrounding area.


Thanks to the Nautical Club and the Naval League, it is also possible to carry out sailing courses and fishing competitions.

The sea of Albenga


Kitesurfing has become an Olympic discipline and is a water sport that is thrilling young and not only. This discipline requires sacrifice, spirit of adaptation, strength, coordination, self-control, balance and reactivity. Kitesurfing helps to strengthen self-esteem and manage emotions. The beaches of Albenga have sand mixed with gravel and the grecale that ripples the sea without gusts. Long distance enthusiasts, with the necessary precautions, will be able to reach the nearby Gallinara Island  with a not too strong wind.

The wind here has characteristics ranging from constant to gustate and from the changeable sideshore, with peaks of up to 40 knots and with directions to the North East, West and South West. The high waves have instead a frequency of 60 days a year.

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Land sports

The trail network is increasing more and more, thanks to the activity of sports associations  with the administrations, which have understood the strong tourist value exercised by sports enthusiasts. Numerous and with various degrees of difficulty are the tracks that allow trekking, Nordic walking, mountain biking and trails in the Valli Ingaune.


Paths of Albenga

The Pennavaire valley, thanks to the conformation of the almost dolomitic peaks and the mild climate that characterize it, has become one of the favorite places in Italy for the practice of climbing, able to attract enthusiasts from all over Europe. It currently has 54 cliffs with 1,650 routes of varying difficulty, where it is possible to climb all year round taking advantage of the different exposures. A Nasino there is a landing field dedicated to paragliding, which allows a safe landing for those who launch from the high peaks above. Some farms with horses give the possibility of a pleasant excursion in the saddle.

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