NewPilgrimAge (NPA)

Within the project NewPilgrimAge (NPA), centered on the figure of San Martino and his spiritual and moral heritage as a driving force for local development, Albenga has collected innovative and creative solutions connected to the heritage of San Martino, which will be implemented during the course of 2019. The project aims to promote voluntary services in the preservation and transmission of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, the "re-use" of cultural heritage through the creative and cultural industry, a sustainable tourism offer that enhances the territory .

Thanks to this project, Albenga will strengthen its capacity for cooperation with other European countries and will be able to set the starting point for the construction of a medium-long term development strategy that actively involves the Ingauna community in the design of shared initiatives.

San Martino and Albenga

San Martino stopped for four years in Albenga on the Gallinara Island and that is why Albenga is called to retrace his journey that starts from his hometown and then moves to other cities in central Europe, arriving in Italy to finish his journey in France.

A sort of path will be recreated, of a journey through different countries and territories during which to come into contact not only with the figure of St. Martin, but with his values, principles, spirituality that this can inspire. Albenga is the only Italian municipality that participates in the project and will be supported by ideas and cultural initiatives throughout 2019 in the Ingaunian territory

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Via Sanctis Martini

San Martino, a symbol of sharing, is one of the most popular saints in Central Europe with thousands of monuments dedicated to him, but also with an intangible cultural heritage that allows it to keep its memory alive. He is also dedicated to one of the European Cultural Wheels, the Via Sanctis Martini that connects Samaria (now Szombathely, the leading city of the project) in Hungary, his hometown, with Tours (in France) of which he was bishop.

All the cities participating in the project are located along this path and are motivated to revive, updating this cultural heritage and to promote the common values of solidarity and hospitality linked to San Martino. Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy will cooperate in the project.