Sanctuary of Pontelungo

In the heart of Pontelungo is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pontelungo, built in the eighteenth century, to replace a previous church, to thank the Virgin for the miracle that took place on the night of 2 July 1637, when Tunisian and Algerian pirates, after looting Ceriale, si they headed towards Albenga to attack it, but "having arrived not far from the Church of the Ponte-longo, they were surprised by a great light that appeared towards the City. Believing that the citizens were prejudiced and careful of their arrival, they retreated aboard their galleys. The fact that we want to attribute to a special grace of the Virgin Mary the defender of her children Albanians, who in particular had dedicated themselves to it; and for which it is said, that they have begun to solemnize the feast of the Most Holy Visitation, which in fact runs on the said day two of July.

The Pontelungo area takes its name from its 150-meter long underground bridge. The river Centa flowed under its arches until the 13th century. Once the course of the river is diverted, the bridge has been dry since the 16th century, but even today, when an exceptional flood occurs, the Centa returns to pass under the ancient arches. However, with its length it indicates the majesty of the river in the medieval period. In the past it was considered a Roman era, but in reality its characteristics are those of a medieval bridge. It is possible to follow it on foot in all its length, with some precautions for the very battered cobblestones.