Wooden Slingshot 2024

Wooden Slingshot 2024

The award goes to Caterina Caselli and Anna Foglietta

The delivery of the 2024 Wooden Slingshot will take place on April 20th at the Ambra Theatre, as always Antonio Ricci will deliver the coveted trophy. The award this year will go to two women from Italian entertainment: Caterina Caselli and Anna Foglietta, both from the “Una,Nessun, Centomila” Foundation , dedicated to the prevention and fight against gender violence .

“La Fionda – underline the Fieui – passes into good hands: two tenacious, reserved, strong women who have never forgotten in the moment of success those who were left behind or in difficulty”.

Anna Foglietta is a complete actress: theatre, cinema, television. Known to the general public for the television series "The Squad" and "Police District", she received the Nastro d'Argento for the film "One Day Suddenly". Caterina Caselli , after an artistic life that lasted, by choice, a handful of years, had another, very intense one, as a mother, wife, entrepreneur.

Both, even following difficult personal experiences, have always been attentive to the needs of the most vulnerable : "But about this - specify the street urchins - we will talk extensively on the stage of the Ambra Theater where, once again, the audience present will discover two splendid people before two famous people ”.

As usual, it will be possible to book a numbered seat to attend the Award presentation show with a charitable offer intended entirely for a body or association indicated by the winner of the Fionda di Legno Award.

    Wooden Slingshot Roll of Honor

    • 2007 Antonio Ricci
    • 2008 Balbontin-Ceccon-Casalino,
    • 2009 Fabrizio De André,
    • 2010 Paolo Villaggio,
    • 2011 Milena Gabanelli,
    • 2012 Roberto Vecchioni,
    • 2012 encore Don Gallo,
    • 2013 Carlìn Petrini,
    • 2014 Don Mazzi,
    • 2015 Fiorella Mannoia,
    • 2016 Javier Zanetti,
    • 2017 Brunello Cucinelli and The Nomads,
    • 2018 Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno,
    • 2018 bis Enrico Brignano,
    • 2019 Don Ciotti,
    • 2020 Antonio Albanese,
    • 2021 Covid Heroes,
    • 2022 Sigfrido Ranucci,
    • 2023 Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti
    • 2024 Caterina Caselli and Anna Foglietta