The Albenganian floricultural production and commercial system is mostly dedicated to potted , aromatic , flowering and ornamental plants. The economy of the area is mainly based on agriculture and agricultural and flower trade. The market is founded by farms flanked by technical operators in the sector who produce excellences shipped to Italy and exported throughout Europe.

The plain of Albenga

In the Albenga plain there are all the factors that make up the system:

• 1,500 manufacturing companies with centuries-old experience
• 50 commercial enterprises specialized in operating abroad qualified public structures for experimentation, analysis, assistance and dissemination that provide important specialized services
• specialized public vocational training facilities that train qualified technicians
• commercial, artisan and service companies that procure materials , equipment , systems and services .

The quality of the Albenganian flower system

The consolidated aggregation of all these elements over time has determined the quality of the Albenganian flower system, a machine that produces 150 million potted plants every year, including aromatic plants (50%), daisies (20%), cyclamen, stars. christmas, chrysanthemums, lantane, hydrangeas, roses, geraniums; all presentable in an infinite number of formats (bushes, trees, pyramids, columns, arches, backrests, etc.).

Lavender Riviera dei Fiori

Over the last few years, crops and companies have also refined and have seen the birth and strengthening of consortia , quality brands and realities aimed at obtaining awards, the promotion of products outside the region, measures to protect and safeguard excellence. Precisely in this context, the "Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori" brand was born to support companies (agricultural, commercial, hospitality and cultural) and create a network within a territory that has unique beauties and experiences of their kind. The project, active in the western Ligurian Riviera and lower Piedmont, enhances and defends the Imperia officinal lavender , and the Boscomare and Mareblu hybrids .

Lavender Riviera dei Fiori