Kitesurfing and windsurfing are water sports that thrill young people and not only. These disciplines require sacrifice, adaptability, strength, coordination, self-control, balance and responsiveness. Kitesurfing has recently become an Olympic discipline.

The beaches of Albenga

Kitesurfing and windsurfing help to strengthen self-esteem and manage emotions. The beaches of Albenga have sand mixed with gravel and with the north-east wind that ripples the sea without gusts. Long distance enthusiasts, with the necessary precautions, can reach the nearby Gallinara Island with a not too strong wind.

Wind and sea

The wind here has characteristics ranging from constant to gusty and from sideshore to variable, with maximum peaks of 40 knots and with directions from North East, West and South West. High waves, on the other hand, have a frequency of 60 days a year.

The coast in Albenga, up to the mouth of the Centa river, faces east. The north wind enters rather gusty, and not always very enjoyable, due to the disturbing effect which, however, the mountains of the hinterland cause. Moreover, the north wind, here, enters side, side off, and it is good to be careful, because it can push offshore, without headlands or leaders that can hold you back (except Gallinara Island). With the north wind, the sea remains almost flat, except for a messy and unpredictable chop.