Not to be missed for diving enthusiasts diving on the Gallinara Island.

Scuba diving

Underwater activity , due to the presence of unexploded war devices on the seabed and due to the presence of a wreck, is only allowed if accompanied by the local guides of the affiliated diving centers. The island has two fundamental diving spots: Christ the Redeemer and Punta Sciusciau .

On the seabed and on the walls you can find sea daisies, yellow sponges, rare Chaetaster longipes and a great abundance of benthic life.

Christ the redeemer (Punta Falconara)

On 29 September 1998 a statue of Christ the Redeemer was placed in the depths of the Gallinara. The bronze monument, located in the bay of Punta Falconara on the island, has become a destination for lovers of archaelogical routes . The statue is 18 meters deep and the vertical descent into his arms is suggestive and without difficulty. The benthic fauna is abundant and characterized by notable colonies of nudibranchs, while beyond the terrace there are abundant sea daisies.

On 12 June 2011 Centro Idea Blu organized, in collaboration with HSA Italia, the laying of a plaque in Braille language carried out by a group of four disabled people, including a blind person, escorted by the 5th diver group of Genoa and by the Commander of the Port Authority of Alassio.

Punta Sciusciau

Punta Sciusciau is a diving spot that does not present any particular difficulty, except for the depth and, sometimes, for the current. It is common to observe good-sized specimens of groupers, moray eels, octopuses and scorpion fish and, around 30 meters deep, even large sponges.


Submerged wreck

In the depths around the Gallinara island a Roman cargo ship was found in 1950: the first discovered and explored on the seabed. His load of amphorae , registered and brought to light in the following nine years with the help of a salvaged ship, the Artiglio, is now housed in the Roman Naval Museum , still located in Palazzo Peloso Cepolla , in the heart of the historic center of Albenga. .

Idea Blu Diving Center

For diving, the Idea Blu Underwater Center is operational in the area, based in via XXV Aprile 6 - 17031 Albenga (SV). For more information:

Alberto and Luca Balbi
Telephone: 348.2201128