Blue route

San Martino di Tours is at the center of the NewPilgrimAge Project (NPA), funded by the European Program Interreg Central Europe, in which 7 partners from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy participate. The City of Albenga has developed itineraries for visiting the City and the places of San Martino which, through the use of QR codes and the development of an interactive map, will accompany the visitor through the beauties of the City.

The BLUE path it was created by the FAI Young delegation group of Albenga-Alassio which identified the stages for a route between the towers of the city, narrating the relationship of some buildings with the historical families of Albenga. This route also leads to Via Julia Augusta (an ancient Roman road) and to the Multimedia Center "Riserva Isola Gallinara " housed in the Fortino Genovese in Piazza Europa, two places that recall the link between San Martino and the city of Albenga.

FAI route stages

Albenga inside the walls: 100 towers and 1000 families

1.Torre Cazzulini
2.Torre Oddo
3.Torre Peloso Cepolla
4. Municipal and Municipal Tower and Bell Tower
5.Torre Lengueglia D'oria
6.Piazza dei Leoni and Palazzi Costa Carretto

Albenga outside the walls: from the sea to the mountains

7. Fortino and Gallinara Island
8.Via Julia Augusta

The Fortino in Piazza Europa is located about 15 minutes on foot from the historic center.
The beginning of the Via Julia Augusta is instead a 15-minute walk from the historic center and 20 minutes from the Fort in Piazza Europa.