Garlenda Golf Club

For those who love golf, Albenga is only 10 km from the Garlenda Golf Club . Born in 1964 and designed by the English designers John Morrison and John Harris, the Club is located in the Lerrone valley , one of the most evocative and picturesque of the Ligurian hinterland and is surrounded by ancient olive groves and pine forests.

Path & Hospitality

The course has 18 holes for an overall length of 6.085mt, with a CR 72.0 and a SR 133 for men, and CR 73.6 SR 130 for women. At the disposal of regular and daily members there is also a splendid swimming pool where you can enjoy moments of relaxation immersed in nature, a fully equipped gym and also the possibility of using the Turkish bath service.

Via del Golf, 7 - Piazzetta Galleani, 17033 Garlenda (SV)
Phone: +39.0182.580012