The Baptistery is the most famous early Christian monument in all of Liguria, the building, built in the V-VI century AD with an internal octagonal and external decagonal plan, stands on the ancient level of the city, adjacent to the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo

The interior is characterized by the original baptismal font , where the celebration of the sacrament of Baptism by "immersion" took place. There are also late medieval and late 16th century baptismal fonts. The vault of the central niche presents the magnificent polychrome mosaic , where the mysteries of the Christian faith are expressed through a rich symbolism with intense blue and yellow colors.

The entrance and the base are located below the current street level where the Roman city plan used to be.
The original masonry vault was destroyed during an erroneous restoration in 1898. During the work some late-antique amphorae used to lighten the dome emerged; currently the Baptistery is surmounted by a wooden structure from the early 1900s.

The Baptistery is included in the tour of the Diocesan Museum .

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