Theatrical cultural enterprise

Kronoteatro was born in 2004 in Albenga and since then has been carrying out an articulated project of promotion, diffusion, creation and cultural attraction in the territory of the district, making this provincial city a cultural center of national importance. In 2015 it became a theatrical cultural enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Culture for its production activity.

Kronoteatro is Maurizio Sguotti, Alex Nesti and Tommaso Bianco. Since 2008 it has produced, co-produced and distributed over thirty shows throughout the country with particular attention to new dramaturgy, collaboration with authors, commissioning of texts and reinterpretation of the classics. The company organizes and manages various activities in the Albenga area and in the neighboring municipalities such as the realization of programming events, professional training, social service and the training of new audiences.

The activities

Kronoteatro is the creator and curator of Terreni Creativi , a multidisciplinary festival born in 2010. The festival was born with the specific intent of fortifying the presence of contemporary theater and new dramaturgy in the ingauno territory and consecrating it definitively as a place of promotion and attraction of culture theatrical throughout the national territory. Kronoteatro has created the Kronostagione in Albenga since 2007, a theatrical review focused on the languages of the contemporary scene and the new dramaturgy. This path was interrupted in the summer of 2020 with the closure of Spazio Bruno, the theatrical hall set up by Kronoteatro inside the Liceo G. Bruno in Albenga.

Kronoteatro holds various training workshops involving primary and secondary schools of first and second grade of the ingauno district, the community of citizens and social cooperatives. Since 2012, with the YEPP Albenga association, it has activated a theater workshop for girls and boys between 13 and 29 years old. In the three-year period 20-23 he created a theater workshop for the guests of the ANFFAS structure in Albenga.


For information:
Headquarters: Via Medaglie d'Oro 81/9
Operational headquarters: Via Enrico D'Aste 6
Telephone: +39.0182.630369
Phone: +39.350.0580311

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