The KAYAK School in Ponente Ligure offers Basic and Advanced Kayak Courses as part of guided excursions in the Pelagos International Marine Park, Sanctuary of the Cetaceans and Gallinara Island , where you can paddle in the largest Posidonie prairie in the Mediterranean - a true natural oasis marina that acts as a "meganursery" for fish repopulation -, and a refreshment point for dolphins and small cetaceans. Physical and mental well-being in an exclusive marine context, and an activity that can be practiced all year round, with the right equipment, thanks to the favorable climate of Western Liguria.

Paddle & Canoe

The course includes familiarization with the new environment, understanding the basic technique, knowing how to use the paddle correctly and steer the canoe with the basic propulsion and support maneuvers, becoming familiar with the dynamics of movement between currents and waves, and to complete some hints of safety and self-safety (eskimo) to have the necessary assessment skills in the different behavioral situations in the waters.

Bagni Miramare

Basic specialist equipment provided (recent generation canoe kayak, hydrodynamic paddle, approved life jackets) extra to be agreed (helmet, watertight jacket, long john pants).

The courses are based at the Miramare bathing establishment in Lungomare Colombo Cristoforo, Albenga.

More information

For information and reservations:
Massimo Cogliati - Qualified instructor of the Libertas Liguria Regional Sports School certified by CONI and Youth Sports Educator Animator of the Libertas National Sports Center Training Department
Telephone: +39 340 9529097