The Company was founded in 1993, within the DLF Theater School of Albenga, with the original name of the Vagone Dei Comici . The group made its debut in December 1994 at the Ambra cinema in Albenga with the comedy by Aristophanes "Lisistrata", obtaining incredible success with audiences and critics. The "Lisistrata" is directed by Gianni Balzaro who brings to the company the experience of the commedia dell'arte and the ancient "giullarate". The comedy, after a few reruns in Albenga, is represented in the squares of the municipalities of the coast and of the hinterland of Ingauna, always recording the maximum satisfaction of the large audience present.

The theater group

The success of the school and the theater group is mainly due to the merit of bringing the theater to the western Ligurian territory, bringing a large part of the population closer to an art that is very often neglected. In 1995 Peter Weiss's "The investigation" was staged, taken from the proceedings of the trial for the crimes of Auschwitz, held in Frankfurt in 1960, the words become civil poetry, that is, weapons of peace. On the 50th anniversary of the liberation, it takes on the meaning not so much of a spectacle as of a song: an authentic song to memory, to absurdity, to rethinking for the entire human species; thin and terrible for the essentiality of the scenography, made with recycled material, to give maximum prominence to the voices that emerge from the shadows; descriptive and procedural in the acting, the accusations and defenses are of great effect, left an indelible mark among the audience who watched in silence and among the actors, themselves touched by a vibrant emotionality. With "L'istruttoria" the company crosses the borders of the Incaunians to represent comedy in Milan, Imperia, Livorno, and various Ligurian theaters and social centers. Galvanized by the successes obtained, the group prepares and staged in 1996 "Pigs - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" freely based on a work by Agata Christie; the result is a bright yellow comedy, full of suspense, twists and turns, comic ideas for each character actor. This work confirms the success of the public and critics at the first and for all the reruns, making the company one of the most interesting in western Liguria.

In 1997 the director Balzaro was succeeded by Enrico Aretusi of the Garage Theater in Genoa and the Company renews itself by treasuring past experiences. It is the year of "Not all thieves come to harm" by Dario Fo, a single act of great rhythm with which the group confirms itself as an excellent interpreter of brilliant comedies.

In 1998, "Paparino" by Dario Falconi, represents the compendium of the art of acting of the group: brilliant and comic. The group demonstrates the reached maturity having nothing to envy to the professionals. 2000 is celebrated with the flagship: an opera never staged in Italy that was staged in Albenga as a national premiere: "The fair of St. Bartholomew" by Ben Jhonson, a contemporary of Shakespeare. This is the year of the Laboratory School on 22 actors as many as 15 are debutants. The village festival with a medieval flavor allows everyone to draw the outlines of the characters and mentalities of the various imagined characters with great creativity.

The comedies

With the enthusiasm of the first hour, the Company continued staging a different comedy every year.

2001 Condolence visit by Achille Campanile
2002 In Hart and Braddel's Best Families
2003 Tailor for Mrs. G. Feydeau
2004 Rudens of Plautus
2005 The Desire for the Vacation by Carlo Goldoni
2007 Confusi by A. Ayckbourn

In this year the group decides to break away from the DLF by becoming autonomous and forming a new company; thus was born "THE COMIC'S SUITCASE" directed by the director Enrico Aretusi. Since then the group has continued its activity staging the following works.

2008 La Gelosa by A. Bisson
2009 Don't Shoot The Postman by D. Benfield
2010 Villa Letizia by G. Scaramuzzino
2011 Pied à Terre by G. Feydeau
2012 The Imaginary Sick of Moliere
2013 The Window in the Sky… Patrizia Pasqui
2014 Lohengrin by A. De Benedetti
2015 Under Chi Tocca by Orengo and Govi
2016 The Round Trip of the Seven Sins by R: Leoncino
2017 Switchboard ... 9992 by Hart and Braddel
2018 The Tale of Bestento by Patrizia Pasqui
2019 La Gelosa (replica) by a. Bisson