About 10 km north-west of Albenga, towards the hinterland, rises the Val Pennavaire , a magical place, where the singing of birds is interrupted only by the pleasant roar of the waters of the homonymous stream.

The Cliffs

Val Pennavaire today has more than 1500 free routes , with difficulties ranging from very easy (grade 4b on the French scale) to extremely difficult (grade 9a on the French scale).

Route map


The “Pennavalley” area, an Amateur Sports Association whose objective is to enhance and promote indoor and outdoor sport climbing practicable in Val Pennavaire and surrounding areas, operates in the area.

It has qualified instructors recognized by CONI, who have obtained the title of National Instructor / Technician of the first level (basic level) USAcli for Sport Climbing on rock (Boulder, Lead) and for Sport Climbing on artificial structures (Boulder , Speed, Lead).

    Climbing services

    The sport climbing services (single pitches on equipped crags), at the exclusive service of its members, are:

    • promotional outings (duration 1 or 2 days): with these outings it will be possible to take the first steps in sport climbing, live a unique adventure in total safety, and, if necessary, choose to take part in a course.
    • The courses (3 days + 1 theoretical): ideal for those who really want to learn to climb. In the basic course, safety will be the main topic, while in the advanced course more space will be given to technical-motor insights.

    For information:
    Email : penvalley@gmail.com
    Instagram: @pennavalley
    Telephone: +39 333-7970389 (Marco) / +39 346-5201072 (Elena)