Peloso Cepolla Palace

The Peloso Cepolla Palace overlooks the piazza of S. Michele, with the tower reduced and transformed into a terrace, but still remarkable. In the atrium there is a fresco depicting, dressed by Hercules, Proculus, the failed emperor of Albingaunum, from which the Pelosos Cepollas said to descend. The Palace was left as a legacy to the Municipality by the last member of the house, Dr. Agostino Nicolari with the clause that it became the seat of the Istituto di Studi Liguri founded by prof. Nino Lamboglia. In addition to this function, the Palace houses the Historical Archive of the Municipality.

In the most prestigious rooms the Roman Naval Museum has been set up, whose visit allows you to admire, in addition to the interesting archaeological finds, the seventeenth-century frescoes of the walls and reproductions of epochs of busts of Roman historical figures.

Roman Naval Museum