The Palazzo Vecchio is the seat of the ancient medieval town. The building was freed together with the Baptistery from the modern superstructures that had improperly united them. On the side facing the Cathedral, the Civic Tower with the Sala dei Consoli on the ground floor. From this you enter the Loggia, visible from Via Bernardo Ricci, originally open and intended for the meetings of the municipal parliament, closed in the sixteenth century and used until the nineteenth century for the meetings of the Municipal Council.

On one wall there is a religious fresco and political symbols. It is the seat of the Civic Museum . On the façade facing the Baptistery , an external staircase leads to the first floor where the Salone del Podestà is located. This leads to the upper floors of the recently renovated Civic Tower open to the public. On the top floor is the "big bell" which for centuries has rung and still rings, at 8 in the morning, to announce the meetings of the Municipal Council. From the top of the tower there is an extraordinary view of the historic center, from the plain to the sea.