The Diocesan Museum of Albenga preserves a rich collection of works of art that spans more than a thousand years of history.

Walking through the rooms of the Diocesan Museum you can admire early Christian finds , medieval paintings , sixteenth- century tapestries , up to the eighteenth-century statues. The gems of the collection are the three paintings: the "Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria" by Guido Reni, the "Miracle of St. Verano" by Giovanni Lanfranco and the "St. John in the desert" ancient copy from Caravaggio.

The Museum is set up inside the ancient Bishop's Palace , the visit allows you to cross the "room of greenery" and the chapel of the ancient tower, frescoed in the 60s of the fifteenth century by Bishop Napoleone Fieschi, once used as an apartment deprived of the incaune bishops.

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Exhibition "Baroque waves - Diocesan masterpieces between 1600 and 1750"

Until Sunday 13 November 2022 the Diocesan Museum of Albenga hosts the exhibition "Baroque waves - Diocesan masterpieces between 1600 and 1750". The exhibition places the richness of the local Baroque artistic heritage in the spotlight. The rooms of the ancient bishop's palace host some of the most important and fascinating masterpieces of this era: twenty-three works, mainly from diocesan churches, are for the first time in collective dialogue, offering the measure of the cultural vitality and wealth of the client. “Onde Barocche” is an invitation addressed, not only to experts, for a journey among the most famous authors in the Ligurian context, from Piola to Benso, from Ansaldo to Fiasella, from Borzone to Casoni.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the museum proposes a new exhibition layout, which transforms the visit path, includes areas accessible for the first time and recontextualizes in a new way even the most famous treasures of the Diocesan's collection, such as the paintings by Guido Reni or Lanfranco from Parma. The exhibition continues in Pieve di Teco: here, in the Madonna della Ripa complex, seat of the “Alta Valle Arroscia” section of the Diocesan Museum, works by Benso, Cappellino, De Ferrari, Piola and Maragliano are exhibited.


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