Going along Viale Pontelungo from north to south, from the sanctuary of NS di Pontelungo towards Porta Molino, about halfway along on the right, at number 59 of the avenue, is the condominium "Palazzo Antico Romano", under which, below the current street level, there are some funerary monuments that were part of the northern necropolis of the ancient Albingaunum.

From the grave goods of one of the tombs comes an exceptional "Blue Plate" , in carved glass, decorated in the center by a figurative scene with a pair of dancing Bacchic cherubs, currently exhibited by the GM Oddi Foundation at Palazzo Oddo in Via Roma, 58 (historic center ) in the Permanent Exhibition "Magiche Trasparenze - The glasses of the ancient Albingaunum"

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The visit to the Necropolis is regulated by a memorandum of understanding for the coordinated and integrated exercise of the activities of use and promotion of the archaeological area, signed annually between the FAI Italian Environment Fund Delegation - Albenga section, the "Palazzo Antico Romano ”and the Municipality of Albenga.

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