Albenga as a seaside resort has a Nautical Club and a local section of the Naval League , which actively offer sailing and sport fishing courses.

Nautical Club

The Albenga Nautical Club has state-owned areas equipped for sailing school and competitive activities, rubber dinghies for assistance at sea, sailing cabin, coaches for athletes' transfers, also berths for gozzo boats or small boats, boxes, changing rooms, showers and toilets. and ground handling personnel. For sport fishing enthusiasts, the Club has been affiliated with the FIPDAS since 2009 and organizes competitions such as: small coastal trolling, live bait trolling, light longline.

ASD Albenga Nautical Club
Lungomare A. Doria - 17031 Albenga (SV)
Tel / Fax: +39.0182.51867

Naval League

The Naval League organizes from June to September introductory and advanced sailing courses with lessons both in the morning and in the afternoon, for children and adults, followed by II level instructors. FIV, supported by FIV Instructor Allievi. In addition, introductory courses to competitive fishing are organized.

Dock Lungomare Andrea Doria 1, Albenga
Tel / Fax: +39.0182.542544