Azienda Agricola Dell'Erba

Azienda Agricola Dell'Erba

We define ourselves as the new farmers, born from the ashes of tradition with a fresh and youthful spirit. We see an infinite potential and a great strength in the Riviera di Ponente, from the coast to the hinterland, from the Piana Ingauna to the dry stone walls on the ruined hills.

Our philosophy, born from the studies of Landscape Architecture, developed along various journeys to discover the beauties of nature, is based on some simple concepts: Research, Enhancement and Redevelopment of the Ligurian Landscape.

Our territory with its glimpses, its stories, its wines and its products, really has a great importance for us and represents a source of growth and development not only for business but also for personal; every day, walking along our fields, we perceive the beauty and energy that from the family tradition accompanies us along this path

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Azienda Agricola Dell'Erba
Reg. Marixe, SP19.17031, Albenga SV
Phone: +39.3403182092