Cascina Feipu Farm

Cascina Feipu Farm

The cellar has a global capacity of 900 hectoliters; the vinification for the Pigato takes place both with cryomaceration and with soft pressing, followed by the separation of the must from the skins and fermentation at a controlled temperature (17/18 °); for red wines ( Rossese and Russu du Feipu ) the traditional method of destemming is used with fermentation on the skins and repeated breaking of the cap by pumping over and oxygenation.

Throughout the winemaking process, the company uses recently introduced stainless steel equipment, as well as up-to-date methodologies and technologies. The refinement takes place partly in stainless steel tanks with thermal control and subsequently in the bottle before being placed on the market.

The quantities in bottles range from 60,000 to 70,000. The product is essentially consumed in the northern market with some "visits" abroad (Japan in particular).

Cascina Feipu products

Bice (Sweet Wine), Pippo (Sweet Wine), Rossese di Albenga (Red Wine), Granaccia (Red Wine), Russu du Feipu (Red Wine), Pigato Riserva Palmetta (White Wine), Pigato di Albenga (White Wine)

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Cascina Feipu dei Massaretti
Reg. Massaretti, 6 - Bastia d'Albenga
Telephone: 0182.20131 - 347.3793229