Le Rocche Del Gatto Farm

Le Rocche Del Gatto Farm

With over 60 harvests on his shoulders, Fausto has been able to treasure the great experience and refine his unmistakable style by freeing himself from the schemes and "diktats" of official oenology: "I don't need to look around to see what is happening, my way has been clear for a long time ... ", always with the aim of representing" old style " Pigato and Vermentino , recovering knowledge and flavors that speak of Liguria to those who want to know, remember or even feel" how it was "the wine in a harsh land cultivated with effort and passion .

His first experiences date back to the 1950s, as a kid. First by learning from his father the love for the vineyard and then, year after year, developing the winemaking techniques . The aim is to extract from the skins all those aromatic, mineral and tannic substances that contribute to giving the wines that particular characteristic of the vine and the territory of which they are and must be an expression.

By making wine in a particular and traditional way, the difference and the tasting sensations between a Pigato, a Vermentino and a Rossese are very clear to the taster and make the wines of Fausto De Andreis small jewels for the palate, surprising for their complexity and structure. of these really special wines that combine tradition and technology .
"Those who copy always come second", Fausto jokes, smiling under his glasses, "that's why I always wanted to find my way alone, even in wine, applying my training as a technician to traditional winemaking ..." and he says that "some producers are came to me to see and be explained winemaking techniques to be able to copy them in their production, with good results but obviously different, since in the wines of " terroir " there is always the variable of the hand of the winemaker , the only one allowed in addition to the natural climatic conditions ". Rocche del Gatto wines strike and amaze, thanks both to the particular winemaking method refined over time, and to the happy intuitions of Fausto. Wines that reveal a character and a personality to make most of the other Vermentino and Pigato pale in comparison, often monotonous when not banal. Fausto's descriptive metaphors are beautiful and evocative when he talks about his wines musically: Vermentino is "a good soloist ", While the Pigato is" an orchestra "and his inimitable Spigau is" the symphonic orchestra ".

With an annual production of 45,000 bottles the company never rests, always striving for the continuous search for quality and maintaining the strong personality that distinguishes Rocche del Gatto wines. The wine is given all the time to mature, to refine and to be able to forge its own character without any rush.

Often and willingly Fausto, singular interpreter of the Pigato grape and who over time, due to his somewhat rebellious and intolerant character, has earned the affectionate nickname of 'anarchist of Pigato' in the sector, welcomes those who visit him in "his" cellar of production with emotional tastings , captivating enthusiasts with the stories of decades of passion for the vineyard and its fruits.

Unlike the vast majority of producers, in the tasting Fausto guides you through a unique sensory and emotional experience starting right from the stainless steel tanks, with Vermentino and Pigato still cloudy and in motion. The differences and organoleptic characteristics of the wines are splendid, at times broken down into acidity, at times angular and turbid , or already soft and almost ready to be bottled but each one already has its own character.

The products of Le Rocche Del Gatto

White wines
Pigato Doc RLP 2004 - 2016, Spigau Crociata 2004 - 2010, Vermentino Doc RLP 2008 - 2017

Red wines
Macajolo 2014, Rossese Doc RLP 2015 - 2016

BEYOND Spigau 03

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