San Fedele - ring

It starts from the "Red House" at the Vicinale Monte road (44 ° 02.571 N - 008 ° 12.373 E; see link google maps ). From the parking lot, go up along the path that also connects the high via Baia del Sole.


Type: trekking-trail running
Difference in altitude: 290 meters
Distance: 4 km
Time: about 1 hour
Difficulty: hiking
Recommended period: all year round
Useful tips: Lack of water, pay attention to mountain bikes in some shared downhill points

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The first section follows a path marked with 2 red dots on a white background. It begins to rise from the Mediterranean scrub. We find ourselves on the dirt road that continues towards Monterosso . You start the wonderful path called "the skull" . On the left always the frame of the Gallinara Island , immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, strawberry tree, myrtle, broom in August no longer in bloom as in late June, early July, when it is a wonderful fragrant yellow sea.

The skull can be covered by mountain bike but it is above all for free ride. The first part is quite fast, in the middle there are steps always with a panoramic view of the Ingauna Valley. On the left you can already see Lusignano, opposite Bastia. You reach the end of the path. Opposite the doors of San Fedele . Path that to descend is quite challenging both on foot and by mountain bike, for top levels, has very inaccessible passages, with steps of rock, you have to be very careful. At the end of the “skull” path, turn left to resume the path and return to the starting point, in the parking lot in front of the Red House.

Path known as "the hairpin", very fun to do downhill on a mountain bike, always for experts. They are not suitable trails for everyone but only for Trail running and Freeride . Once out of the wood, from the path "the hairpin", take the mule track that leads to the dirt road that to the right on Mount Bignone and to the Madonna della Guardia.

Once you reach a square 210 meters high, 110 meters in altitude, you can see the whole coast of Albenga . You see Capo Noli, Finale Ligure. The highest mountains are the first peaks that line the entire Val Maremola area. In front you have the whole Ingauna plain with the hamlets of Salea, Campochiesa, Bastia, Leca. Below we have San Fedele, on the horizon Arnasco, Cenesi. After all, Cisano. The highest mountains are Pizzo Ceresa, Monte Pesauto, Monte Acuto. Under the clouds, on the horizon, Monte Carmo . In the direction of Finale, above, you have Mount Settepani 1386 meters. On the horizon the wind turbines of Colle San Bernardo .

The path is always the one marked with 2 red dots on a white background. This is the path that leads from Albenga to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia . You arrive at a hairpin bend, turn right, you are 240 meters in altitude and on the left there is the path C1 that goes in the direction of the Wave and the high via Baia del Sole, marked, and the Liguria path. You cut to the right with a slight climb and then take the path called "the skull" . Descend towards the village of San Fedele and take the path back to the bend where you started.