Piazza San Siro tells:
"The tailor's wife"


I like the smell of the fabrics. They come from the East.

They have a scent that I can't say: I've never smelled one like it.

My husband says that it is the smell of the spices that travel with the fabrics in the caravans and on the ships, which bring all those precious products here. The fabrics cost a lot. Spices too.

I throw my nose in and breathe ... breathe ... It's like drinking wine at parties.

My husband has beautiful and very expensive fabrics. He is a tailor. It has a nice trade. He makes tunics and cloaks for the officers of the Roman army, for the emperor's guard.

Eh, sure, only those with money can afford that stuff. And the military cloaks are a sight! They can be used on two sides indifferently: one side is made of that beautiful soft fabric, a woolen yarn, light and warm, and the other side is made of fur. With a garment like this you cover yourself, you walk stiffly in front of your beloved, you sleep wrapped in it during the countryside, on humid nights ...

I sewed a cloak for a boy some time ago ... He must have been 15, maybe ... The father was a veteran and the son was his pride when he took the military oath ...

I sewed it myself because I make the small and neat stitches with those bone needles ... You hardly see them. My husband says the customer is happier when I sew. I'm good. I believe. Maybe my husband married me for this. Because I know how to sew very well. Sometimes my hands are tired, they bleed, but I know that something wonderful will come out of that sacrifice, and I go on ...

The cloak for that young man came out really nice, and the boy ... What a face that boy had! What eyes! You could hardly look at them, yet I went back to looking at them all the time.

Here: how many words! My husband is right ...

I said that the boy turned red when my husband put his cloak on his shoulders and his father commented: “What a masterpiece!”.

But he didn't seem so much like a military guy to me ... Those eyes ... Too much goodness in there ...

However, I sewed his cloak better than all those I had sewn in my life: I put my heart into it. I hope it protects him. I felt a bit like one of my children ...

Clue to the next square

"Between two churches you will find a fisherman
who traveled in the autumn
and the Saint accompanied "