Torre Pernice Farm

Torre Pernice Farm

The Torre Pernice estate, named after the ancient medieval stone tower overlooking the vineyards, is located in the center of the Albenga plain a few kilometers from both the historic center of Roman origin and the splendid beach of Alassio ; lying on a slight plateau, it is unique in Liguria for the large extension of the vineyard in a single plot of 10 hectares.

Wonderful and discreet place to spend weekends and holidays of complete relaxation, caressed by the sun, immersed in the scents and colors of the countryside , surrounded by the lush vineyards of Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese: here you can directly taste the wines produced and the typical dishes of the ancient Ligurian tradition of the hinterland.

In Torre Pernice , in addition to peace and relaxation, you can find the true "country-style" spirit: observe live activity in the countryside, the wildlife that lives undisturbed in this protected area.

Torre Pernice products

Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese, Antico Ruby, Aleramo Gold, Aleramo Rose, Aleramo Amber, Pigato Grappa

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Sartori Luigi Farm - Torre Pernice
Reg. Torre Pernice, 3 - Leca d'Albenga
Telephone: 0182.20042