Auditorium San Carlo

The Auditorium San Carlo is located next to Palazzo Oddo, a multipurpose room with state-of-the-art equipment, with its 94 seats and its overall capacity capable of accommodating up to 130 people, it is the ideal place for courses, masters, cultural meetings, musical events, small concerts, screenings and presentations.

The Auditorium San Carlo has now become a showcase for all the most important events and meetings relating to or close to the Ingaunian territory. Conference room with state-of-the-art equipment, it has been able to attract the attention and esteem of the operators who have organized and continue to return to organize meetings inside the auditorium.

More than 100 meetings and evenings were held within its spaces for the first ten months of the year, a more than satisfactory number that Palazzo Oddo intends to further increase in the year to come, focusing on the enormous potential of this place. Not to forget the musical events organized by Palazzo Oddo inside the Auditorium. These activities have seen internationally renowned musicians perform, attracting experts and enthusiasts from many parts of Italy.

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Exhibition halls

Inside the Auditorium there are several rooms available: room AB, room D, room E, room F, room Folco, room Don Balletto.

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Gian Maria Oddi Foundation Secretariat at the exhibition "Magiche Trasparenze - The glasses of the ancient Albingaunum"
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