Bio Vio Farm

Bio Vio Farm

The use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers is not part of the local tradition and Bio Vio has done nothing but continue with the habits of the past. Growing organic is neither a technical nor an economic choice: it is simply cultural. It is the perception of what is being done, communicated in a simple way - mostly by word of mouth - that has allowed the company to carve out a significant space in the quality production of the Albenga area and beyond.

The products of Bio Vio

"Grand-Père" Pigato Doc, "Bon in da Bon" Pigato Doc, "Marenè" Pigato Doc, "Aimone" Vermentino Doc, "U Bastiò" Rossese Doc, "Gigò" Granaccia Igt, "Bacilò" Rosso Igt, "Passito "by Pigato Doc
Extra Virgin Taggiasca monocultivar oil
Grappa of Pigato

Contact details

Bio Vio
Via Crociata 24 - Bastia d'albenga
Telephone: 0182.20776