Emys tourist logo

The Emys tourist logo was conceived and created by Loris Bottello of the graphic designer Bottello of Albenga and will represent a "quality seal" of events, products and services for the multiple promotional actions of the city of Albenga. The brand's design stems from the use of a few simple strokes to outline the outline of the Emys turtle inside a circle, in order to create an iconic and recognizable symbol.

In nature Emys represents a European marsh turtle (Emys orbicularis) of the family of hemidids present in almost all of the European continent while in Italy it has a non-homogeneous and fragmented distribution, typical characteristic of a threatened species.

The logo represents the tortoise viewed from the side, with the head turned to the right, to resume the shape of the Gallinara island, an iconic landscape element of Albenga. Furthermore, inside the turtle's carapace are the three towers of the historic center, another highly characteristic element of the city.

The lower part of the mark incorporates the tortoise shell with the typical yellow color, but it also symbolizes a beach seen from above overlooking the sea. The color palette used is inspired by the colors of the Emys turtle and those of the landscape: hills, beach, sea.

The end result uses curved and tapered lines that give a sense of movement and dynamism, maintaining the recognisability of the brand even when it is used in small dimensions.