Torre Lengueglia d'Oria


We can define it as one of the most well-preserved towers in the historic center, it is the Lengueglia d'Oria Tower , restored by both of them by the lawyer Alfonso Lodolo D'Oria in 1936, owner of the structure in the early twentieth century.

This tower, in addition to having a massive structure reminiscent of the Cazzulini tower in via d'Aste, is also significantly inclined backwards, perhaps due to a subsidence of the ground.

The structure is covered on two sides by the surrounding buildings. The most visible side to us is the one facing via Medaglie d'Oro. And it is precisely on this wall that it is possible to reconstruct the passage of time. Starting from the top we find the Romanesque mullioned window, with a double brick arch, partially occluded by a mullioned window of the Gothic age, the latter was probably built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The portal is a reconstruction given by the previous restorations. The entrance to the staircase, dating back to the fifteenth century, shows a stone architrave where we could find the family crest, unfortunately, however, was lost in the eighteenth century.

No less interesting is the façade overlooking via BE Maineri, which presents a beautiful sequence of three-mullioned windows dating back to the 1400s. Furthermore, the structure is annexed to a residential system that can be considered one of the tallest medieval houses in Albenga.


Organized by the FAI Young Albenga Group - Alassio

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