Entertainment and nightlife

Albenga is a city to live all day : after a day out or on the beach, it makes its way in the evening when the fascinating historical heritage, illuminated by the moon, merges with the lightheartedness of the youngest in search of fun and tranquility. families to accompany the little ones.

On Fridays and Saturdays in particular, young people and families populate the squares, alleys and sea streets every week or spend the evening in clubs that offer interesting aperitifs and local dishes.In the summer months, the nightlife involves the streets of the historic center , Via d'Aste, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza San Michele, Via Cavour, Via Medaglie d'Oro, Piazza San Domenico, Piazza San Siro, Via Torlaro, Piazza San Francesco, Piazza del Popolo, Via Piave, Via Tiziano, Via Michelangelo . Characteristic places offer evenings of music, entertainment and good food.

Viale Martiri, Via dei Mille and Via Trieste are the long shopping streets and allow you to reach the seaside area. Piazza Europa, Viale Italia, Piazza Marconi and Lungomare Colombo allow you to stroll with an ice cream and dine by the sea , savoring the scent of the sea, glimpsing the silhouette of the Gallinara in the dark of the night. A large and well-equipped playground for the little ones will satisfy the residual energies of the children.

Between Albenga and Alassio you can find discos directly on the sea that allow you to have fun dancing arm in arm with the island that observes them in front.

Open at sunset

For those who do not want to live the night, Albenga allows you to drink an aperitif at sunset choosing from the places that will conquer you with sympathy and ingaune specialties: the DOC wines of the City of Wine , the innovative basilichito or the typical amaro based on artichoke or asparagus violet.

Many specialties to accompany the drinks: fine cured meats, savory pies, stuffed vegetables, focaccia, pizza marinara, olives, cod fritters, green octopus, bruschetta with tomato or pesto, instead of culinary incentives for the enhancement of "i 4 d'Albenga " . For those who prefer sweet, the typical Albenga baxin.

Towards sunset it is advisable to reach the Viveri bridge (the "red bridge"), and be enchanted by the surrounding landscape. The mountains behind it are the cradle for the sun that goes to rest while the Gallinara in front seems to pay homage to it and the Centa river below is the light soundtrack of the moment.

Twilight shows Albenga in a new, mysterious and fascinating light.